Skills Needed For Higher Studies And Migration

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Preparation for the IELTS exam has become an unquestionably necessary fact due to the lack of English language skills and knowledge skills on social issues, human right issues, educational issues and basically current world issues by students.

IELTS coaching cannot be done by teachers who do not have excellent English skills in writing, spoken, reading and also listening. Then again as or even more important is the intricate analytical skills a tutor must have to be able to discuss advanced topics in detail. A teacher must be able to discuss an issue and debate a topic from both ends of the issue. Teachers with closed narrow minded thinking will definitely put the students at a disadvantage when it comes to the writing and spoke IELTS paper.

IELTS coaching must be done methodically and analytically for students to gain a high band score. For those students with zero or preliminary level of English and knowledge skills the recommended process would be to study English until they reach an intermediate level and then start studying for their IELTS. Many people think that a basic knowledge of English will get them through the IELTS exam, but unfortunately in reality that will not be the case. Even those who have a high level of English may not always get through the IELTS exam as their knowledge on current ongoing international issues are at a zero level.

How to become a global citizen and the skills necessary to reach that goal

Having a degree or Master’s degree qualification in any field done in English will not guarantee success at the IELTS exam. Most colleges and so called universities offer high access education with all the courses, projects and assignments done in English with no thought to the student’s level of English. Their main concern is the money and not the student’s welfare. The certificates obtained for many of these courses are worthless pieces of paper without good English language skills. Having acquired these certificates the students think that the IELTS exam would be a piece of cake, only to be sadly and extremely disappointed that their lack of English and knowledge will get them no further and very often not even a job.

The two most essential skills needed for the 21st century

There are two major forces shaping the world today. These two key forces are English language skills and Information technology. Even those students who are studying IELTS will definitely need IT skills to study on line, and if they do not have these skills they will not succeed. Whatever a person’s ambitions maybe, from travelling, to job hunting abroad will depend on how effectively a person can communicate in English and how analytically proficient a person is.