Learning Happens In Many Ways

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Learning is an intriguing process. Why? Because from the day we are first born to this world until the day we depart from it, the process of learning takes place. In fact, it happens in a number of ways.

The infant who grows up to become a child attends school, as school is believed to be the initial step and the foundation that builds the basis for a child’s future education. But it cannot be always justified in that way. That is because learning, as it was said previously, happens in many ways. Thus, the interaction an individual maintains with the family is one of the ways in which children starts their first learning process.

In the meantime, a child’s way of learning also happens through the environment in which they are brought up in. For instance, if the child is growing up in a country side, where calmness and quietness always prevail; the child’s personality might make him/her become a reserved kind of person. Contrastingly, the noisy, boisterous and rowdy environments will be a real obstacle for them to work in.

As for another example, a child who is brought up in a surrounding in which the technology is highly used to perform the day today activities, it is a sure fact that the individual also will be a person who lives with the use of technology. To be more precise, he/she will always try to facilitate themselves with the technical stuff and equipment they use.

However, it is generally believed and accepted that a school is the most paramount fact that provides children with the necessary knowledge and awareness to live in the society as it is. As a result of this idea being ingrained in the minds of the parents, and parents being the people who are almost always worried about the education of their children, select pre-schools and secondary-schools as the first places for their child to learn new things. For instance, parents might choose the fields that their child should follow. If the child shows flair to learn different languages from his/her early childhood, then the parent might send them to schools that are conducted in different languages. Mandarin preschool in Hong Kong is one such example for that. In the meantime, some parents identify the interest that children show in music, and thus they choose the path of music for their children to follow.

In this manner, children have ample opportunity to select and pursuit whatever their prevailing desires are. Finally, it is also not wrong to say that things around them also have a greater role to play in the process of making a child educated.