Month: May 2016

Work: Responsibilities Of The Employer

Work is not an option for many of us. It is a must. While some of us must work in order to meet our daily needs, others work simply for pleasure. However, the later is a very rare case. Finding employment driven by the need to survive makes the discussion of employment very much a one sided. It could be the experience of many, where they would have found themselves at an interview where it almost never comes to a negotiation point. Finding that win-win solution seems a rare occurrence. However, knowing what the accepted and stipulated responsibilities of your employer could clear the air for both the employer and the employee, making a clear demarcation of each person’s boundaries. Shared below is a not so exhaustive list of a few key responsibilities.

Recruitment of workers
Whilst employers have all the right to ask for information, they are not allowed to discriminate based on the information received. This is especially with regard to the existing Disability protection laws and even based on a persons age or sex.

Safety and health
It is the responsibility of the employer to provide a safe and healthy environment for the workers. This covers provision of safe equipment and machinery, and even precautionary measures especially to ensure working safely at heights. Monitoring the health of workers, having safety systems in place in consultation with workers, sharing information and giving clear instructions on safety first are but a few of the safety and health related responsibilities.

Protecting Privacy
There are laws in place that state, employers must respect and provide confidentiality in terms of employees’ privacy. The disabilities of an employee or family status cannot be discussed or used against the worker, check this awesome excavator training materials.

Provision of sufficient instructions and training
It is the responsibility of the employer to provide the workers with all the necessary guidelines and instructions needed to accomplish a task. Providing such information is not only beneficial to the employer but also to the worker as the workers’ ability to perform a task both efficiently and effectively would rise pushing those profit lines higher. Providing continuous training and helping workers to evolve as professionals can become a win-win situation for parties.

Access to leave
Employers are to provide their workers the stipulated leave, whether medical or annual. The leave provision or the request for leave should not threaten the workers job. Access to leave must be monitored and documented preferably through a functional HR system where the worker should also have access to the amount of leave days one has taken etc. As much as it is the responsibility of the worker to keep the employer informed of any changes with regard to ones leave, it is also the responsibility of the employer to maintain contact.

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Choosing Your First Car

If you have made the decision to finally stop using public transport and invest some money in purchasing your first car then it must indeed be a very exciting time in your life. Most people do not have the chance to buy a car until they are much older and therefore end up using public transport for most of the life. Buying your own car is indeed very exciting however it is a big decision and it can take its toll on your current financial situation. Therefore you will need to think long and hard about whether you will be able to afford the financial commitments that come with buying your first car. 

Being realistic

Most people dream about their first car all their lives, however the car they dream of is not always the car that they can realistically afford. Look through a number of car magazines and look through the cars that you believe that you can afford. If you go for a car that is practical and takes you from your current location to your destination you will find that you might even be able to cover the financial commitment associated with the car with the same amount of money that you spend on public transport every month. If you have not done so yet, you will need to start taking driving lessons in order to learn how to drive before you purchase your car and this should give you enough time to make up your mind about what kind of car you are going to purchase.

It might be surprising, but driving is not for everybody although most people will imagine themselves driving one day. After taking driving lessons they realize that it is not for them. Driving takes a lot of intense concentration and it can be very strenuous on the mind. To someone who has never driven before, it may look like a piece of cake to sit in one seat for long periods of time and drive however driving for long hours especially on a highway that you were unable to stop in between, can make you very tired and can mentally drain you.

Driving is not about you and you alone. While you might be a very good driver, that concentrates on the road you cannot predict what the next person on the road is going to do and therefore you may find yourself in a bad accident even though you have been taking precautions to drive carefully. One of the things you need to realize is that you need to be able to predict what the next drivers move will be and act accordingly.

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