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How To Get Yourself Into The Job Market

If you’re right out of school and planning on finding yourself a job, then you may be facing the daunting task of trying to find a way to get yourself into the job market. This may be a completely alien world to you and you may not know where to start. However it is easier than it looks and by following these tips you’ll be able to find yourself a job in no time.
Fish Around
If you’re still unsure of which field you want to enter then the best way to do so is by looking at all the vacancies that have been advertised. This may help you to wrap your head around the options you have. However if you don’t find anything you’re interested in or want to do then you shouldn’t get disheartened immediately. Try contacting a few firms and inquire if they have any vacant posts that they have not advertised about. The chances of finding a job this way is actually better than most people think.
Prepare Yourself
Before you start applying to a company you need to start preparing yourself so that you will succeed and be recruited. One way to do this is to write an attractive cv. If you think you won’t be able to do this on your own, then you can find professional resume writers who will assist you in doing so. Once you have your resume ready then you need to start preparing for the interview process that you will have to eventually go through. This is where most people fail at in securing a job, and should therefore be prepared for early on.
There are thousands of online resources that will help you learn the proper etiquette that is required at an interview, as well as some sample questions that may be asked. This is another area in which you can receive coaching if you think your skills are really not up to it.
Start Networking
Networking is a useful activity for people who are looking for work as well as for those who are already employed. Start associating people who are already working so that you build yourself a stable network. The chances are that if a job opportunity comes along they might remember you and inform you about it. You could start out by talking to any of your seniors who are already working, or you could ask your teachers or professors to introduce you to some people from the corporate sector. Once you have met a couple of people it will be easier to get the ball rolling on your networking efforts.

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What We Must Know About Teenage Driving

According to the statistics, the rate of accidents committed on the road by teenagers is growing quite alarmingly. Therefore, it is very important for parents to ensure that their children go through proper training, to learn and improve their driving skills.

After all, it is a matter of life and death, which is why you would want your child to go on roads, only after learning to drive properly. However, the reality is, most of the teenagers at the age of 17 go for short term driving lessons and thereafter start driving on the road.

Most of them drive on the road without acquiring sufficient driving experience, and put themselves at the risk of committing accidents. Also, they will not be familiar with the important basics like reading road signs, hand signals, overtaking rules, etc, which are very important for the safety of the drivers on road.

When you attain the age of 16 and after going through your driving lesson in Armadale, you can get driver license to drive certain special kinds of vehicles, where the chances of accident is much lesser. In certain countries, the teenagers are allowed to drive such vehicles without obtaining any driving license.

However, many people are of the opinion that 16 year olds must not be allowed to drive on the road without any license, as usually at this age they tend to drive recklessly. Also, if 17 years old drive on the road without sufficient training then the rate of accident will increase.

Few hard data about teenage driving are as follows –

Following are few hard facts about road accidents among teenagers

33 per cent death occurred among teenage drivers during the year 2010 during rash driving on the road

It has been statistically seen that at the age of 16, the rate of accident is highest as compared to accident occurred at any other age.

56 percent teenage drivers admit that they talk on their mobile phones while driving on the road.

Another hard data was found that the accident death rate is the highest when a 16 or 17 year old drivers drive along with other passengers.

Teen drivers are more likely to use seat belts only when their parents are present in the vehicle.

40 percent of road accidents deaths occur with teenagers during 9 pm to 6 am.

The accident rate will go higher, if teenagers continue to drive and talk as their reaction to unwanted situation becomes almost like 70-year-old people.

20 per cent of 16 year old drivers had accident during first year of their driving

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Skills Needed For Higher Studies And Migration

Preparation for the IELTS exam has become an unquestionably necessary fact due to the lack of English language skills and knowledge skills on social issues, human right issues, educational issues and basically current world issues by students.

IELTS coaching cannot be done by teachers who do not have excellent English skills in writing, spoken, reading and also listening. Then again as or even more important is the intricate analytical skills a tutor must have to be able to discuss advanced topics in detail. A teacher must be able to discuss an issue and debate a topic from both ends of the issue. Teachers with closed narrow minded thinking will definitely put the students at a disadvantage when it comes to the writing and spoke IELTS paper.

IELTS coaching must be done methodically and analytically for students to gain a high band score. For those students with zero or preliminary level of English and knowledge skills the recommended process would be to study English until they reach an intermediate level and then start studying for their IELTS. Many people think that a basic knowledge of English will get them through the IELTS exam, but unfortunately in reality that will not be the case. Even those who have a high level of English may not always get through the IELTS exam as their knowledge on current ongoing international issues are at a zero level.

How to become a global citizen and the skills necessary to reach that goal

Having a degree or Master’s degree qualification in any field done in English will not guarantee success at the IELTS exam. Most colleges and so called universities offer high access education with all the courses, projects and assignments done in English with no thought to the student’s level of English. Their main concern is the money and not the student’s welfare. The certificates obtained for many of these courses are worthless pieces of paper without good English language skills. Having acquired these certificates the students think that the IELTS exam would be a piece of cake, only to be sadly and extremely disappointed that their lack of English and knowledge will get them no further and very often not even a job.

The two most essential skills needed for the 21st century

There are two major forces shaping the world today. These two key forces are English language skills and Information technology. Even those students who are studying IELTS will definitely need IT skills to study on line, and if they do not have these skills they will not succeed. Whatever a person’s ambitions maybe, from travelling, to job hunting abroad will depend on how effectively a person can communicate in English and how analytically proficient a person is.

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Growing Demand For Child Care Facilities

The demand for children day care facilities is increasing at a rapid pace and there are quite a few reasons for it. The most common reason for such a big growth is the fact that most of the husbands and wives are busy doing something to earn bread for the family. Since the concept of joint family has already been given a decent burial, the only option left is to find some ways and means by which the young children could be taken care of. While the children could spend some time in schools, there is an intervening period after schools close and the time at which the parents come home. Visit this link to know more about day care in Bondi.

It is during this intervening period that thousands of parents have no other option but to leave their children behind in some good and reliable child care homes. As more and more couples get married and start rearing children, the demand for these homes is also increasing at a reasonably good pace. Hence, there is a spurt of new generation entrepreneurs who would like to cash in on this opportunity and make some good money. However, starting and successfully running such care centers is easier said than done. There are a number of factors that need to be taken into account. To begin with starting such a center would certainly call for big investments which should be readily available. There are people who are lucky enough to have their own space to start such after school care centers.

Money and space apart, there are quite a few other things which are equally critical and important. Doing up the interiors and creating an ambiance which will be liked by the children is extremely important. Instead of the entrepreneurs themselves getting into the act, a better option would be to hand it over to a good and experienced professional who know how to do the best interiors keeping the overall objective in mind. When this is in place, hiring the right people for successfully running these day care centers is very important. Getting quality human resources is a problem and when it comes to handling children you should look out only for people who have patience and have the skill set to get along with different types of people.

The centers should be well equipped with the right furniture and other infrastructure. They should also have a play area where children could spend some quality time. Proper beds, toilets, bathrooms, wash areas and other such minute details should also be taken care of. For very young children who have still not started going to school it is ideal for such centers to have well equipped and properly set up early learning facilities.

While there is a lot of scope and opportunity for such business ventures, as mentioned in the beginning, running and managing it successfully is a different ball game altogether. That is why only 2 our 10 such centers see the light of the day after the initial honeymoon period. Like other businesses, success here too is a long and tedious journey reserved only for the strong and committed entrepreneurs.

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